Issue #12 - Coming on Feb. 18th!

It's time for Issue #10 and it's happening:

  • AT our lovely Windup Space
  • ON Saturday, February 18th
  • FROM 1:00 - 7:00pm

Featuring fab exhibitors:

. . .  and our Panel Schedule is soon to come!

Poster by  Jon Eaton !

Poster by Jon Eaton!

2017 Schedule!

WHAT, it's 2017 already?? Guess we'd better get started, and to kick off this year RIGHT, here's our event schedule for this year!

(we're also gonna throw in a few bonus shows here and there, but these here are the meat n' potato shows of the year):

  • Issue #12 - February 18th, 1 - 7:00pm, The Windup Space
  • Issue #13 - April 15th (Tax Day PARTY!), 1 - 7:00pm, The Windup Space
  • Issue #14 - July 15th, 1 - 7:00pm, The Windup Space
  • Issue #15 - August 19th, 1 - 7:00pm, The Windup Space
  • Issue #16 - December 16th, 1 - 7:00pm, The Windup Space

Usually we've been holding only three a year, so this is a big leap forward for us! Y'know, testing out some different months, see what's what. But we'd love to hear from all of you on anything you might like to see more or less of at our events, too! Give us a holler in the comments or contact us

Let's do this thing, 2017!